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A legal matter involving personal injury or car accident is extremely complicated and involves the understanding of complex personal injury and insurance laws and regulations. We have put together a list of some of the common questions associated with personal injury and car accidents. If you have any additional questions regarding car accidents or personal injury, call us at 972.789.1664, email us at, or fill out the form on this page to schedule a FREE CONSULTATION with one of our experience car accident lawyers of Dallas, Texas.


What is a personal injury case?

A personal injury case is when an accident or injury arises due to the fault of another person, usually due to their negligence or intent to cause harm.


Do I have to go to court?

Not necessarily—Personal injury claims may sometimes be settled outside of the courtroom if an agreed upon settlement amount is paid to the victim.


How much can I expect in a settlement?

It depends. Without a Dallas personal injury lawyer, there is a strong possibility of the settlement being low. A settlement should be negotiated without strong legal representation that knows and can avoid the tricks used by insurance companies to lower the value of claims. Our attorneys at MAS law firm have extensive experience and a proven track record of success in fighting top dollar settlements. Each case must be completely and thoroughly analyzed and prepared before the settlement amount can be determined. We offer a free consultation to answer questions about the value of your case.


How long will it take to get the settlement?

The amount of time may vary depending on the unique circumstances and facts in each individual case. Our primary goal in every case is to aggressively negotiate for clients in order to secure the maximum settlement possible in the least amount of time. This includes putting intense pressure on the insurance company to settle claims only when the truly maximum value is offered.


Using our experiences and resources, it is our job to settle cases in a fashion which moves them to a settlement value that truly compensates the injury victim for any damages they have suffered. Severe injury cases may take longer due to the complexity of the injuries themselves, because it is essential that the injured receive compensation for all of the extensive medical costs and pain and suffering endured from the injury. Dramatic changes that occur in a victim’s life and any new challenges they face as a result of the negligence must be fully addressed in any compensation claim.


I was offered a settlement by the insurance company—should I take it?

It is never advised to take a settlement without legal representation. If further medical treatment is needed or if you are unable to return to work due to injuries, you will not have the option for further compensation without legal representation. The insurance company offer is likely very low, as that is standard practice for insurance for those without counsel representing them. Insurance companies take advantage of the fact that you can’t know the value of your case, and having competent, experienced legal representation ensures that you will be compensated to the maximum extent possible.


How do I choose an attorney?

You should contact a law firm that specializes in personal injury and has a long history of successfully representing the injured. At MAS we are proud of our record of success on thousands of personal injury cases and encourage you to contact us for a free consultation.


Do I have to pay anything up front?

Not with our attorneys. We will only collect fees if we win your case and get compensation for your injury. Any reputable personal injury law firm should not charge anything up front for their services.


How do I know if my injury or accident was someone else’s fault?

It depends upon the specific case and circumstances leading up to the accident. An investigation will help us determine how likely a win may be in your case.


How can I prove that the other driver caused my car accident?

When working on a Dallas car accident claim, our attorneys will employ different methods to prove that the other driver caused the accident. This may require working with accident reconstruction professionals as well as qualified individuals in other fields, such as private investigation, to thoroughly investigate the accident and how to prove that the other driver caused the accident.


What type of damages can I recover money for?

There are many types of damages you may be able to receive financial compensation for in the Dallas Fort-Worth area, including medical expenses, future medical care, emotional trauma, pain and suffering, damage to your vehicle, out of pocket expenses related to the accident, and lost wages. An attorney can evaluate your specific case to determine what damages you may be entitled to.


Do I need to file an insurance claim?

Yes. Failing to report an incident may actually hinder your opportunity to recover money that your policy would provide in an incident of this kind.


Can an attorney help if the other driver didn’t have insurance?

We have come across a case at times where a driver is involved in an auto accident where the other motorist did not have insurance. In these cases we look to our client’s own insurance policy or seek other sources of financial compensation from the responsible motorist.


Will my car accident case need to go to court?

In most cases Dallas car accident cases are resolved outside the courtroom. Usually the insurance company of the responsible driver and the victim will have reached an agreed upon settlement for medical bills and other damages related to the accident. However, in some situations your case may need to go to court.


How do I know if I need a car accident lawyer?

Whether you need a layer depends upon your particular case. However, with proper legal counsel your chances of recovering the full financial compensation you deserve are much greater. This is particularly relevant in cases which involve serious injuries, and we recommend you talk to an attorney at our offices about your specific case and your legal options.


Will my case be settled or go to trial?

In most situations the case is settled before reaching trial. There are some cases in which the negligent party fights back and refuses to pay fair compensation, and in these cases it is critical that you are represented by an attorney who has extensive trial experience and a record of success. When the insurance company is aware that you are represented by an aggressive team of lawyers, they are usually more willing to come through with a settlement that reflects the actual degree of injuries in the case.


When should I contact a lawyer?

We encourage you to contact a Dallas car accident lawyer as soon as you can. Our firm believes you should be given the legal support you deserve, and to do that it would be helpful to start working with you and your case close to the accident as possible. So if you or a loved one has been the victim of a recent accident, and have an injury as a result, contact an attorney today.


Can a health care insurer be repaid from a personal injury settlement?

Yes. In many cases health insurance policies have arranged for the insurance company to be repaid for the amount paid on medical bills if the insured person gets a personal injury settlement. Depending on the unique laws in each state, you may be able to deduct attorney fees and costs from the total amount owed to your health insurer. We can determine if this is possible for your case.


How do I collect my personal injury award?

If the person against whom an injury claim is filed has insurance, easiest way to do this would be to notify the insurance company of the judgment. In most cases the insurance company will already be aware of it, and they will write a check for the damages up to the limit of their insurance policy. It is more complicated if the other person is uninsured. In this case you will have to get the judgment entered with the court and from there, you may seek someone to enforce the judgment. The help of a legal professional should be sought for this process.


Is there a minimum or maximum personal injury settlement amount?

No. There is no minimum or maximum settlement amount, and the amount you will be able to recover depends on factors such as the nature of your injury, the amount of economic damages, and the amount of time the injury is expected to last.



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