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Generally, when most people hear the term "rear-end accident," the first thing to come to mind is a slight fender-bender that will cause, at worst, in temporary neck pain from whiplash; however, these accidents often lead to tremendously critical long-term injuries that can affect victims for months or even years after the crash.


In the Dallas Fort-Worth area, one of the most common types of serious auto collisions is rear-end accidents. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that driver distraction, when the driver fails to realize that the vehicles ahead are coming to a stop at traffic lights, stop signs, or in slowed traffic, cause 87% of these collisions. The causes include merely not paying attention to the road ahead due to daydreaming, eating, internal distractions (children, passengers), talking, singing, smoking, or personal hygiene such as applying makeup or arranging hair, etc.


Our car accident lawyers provide expert representation to clients in all types of car accident cases and our Dallas rear-end car accident attorneys will work meticulously to see that you receive the adequate and fair compensation you require to recover from all your injuries. We have tremendous expertise on matters relating to this thus, we are openly committed to providing the best possible result available for your claim.


Drivers have a duty to uphold a safe following distance so that they allow enough room in case the car ahead should stop suddenly. Drivers that fail to follow this duty and drive too closely or become distracted leave themselves little time to react in these circumstances. When they cause accidents that consequently result in property damage and/or severe injury, they can and should be held liable.


Our personal injury law firm has a team of trial lawyers with great expertise on the matter, and our opponents know that we practice every case as if it is going to trial. Our records of accomplishments speak for itself with our numerous wins and several verdicts. In the courtroom, we have a strong reputation that benefits our clients as we work to negotiate a fair settlement on their behalf.


It can be a traumatic even to recover from a serious accident, therefore out goal at MAS Law Firm is to make available to you the capacity to regain your health while we do all the work in getting your property damage taken care of, obtaining a rental for you if necessary, and aggressively pursuing your injury claim. If you require a lengthy medical treatment and as a consequence lose time from work, we will pursue a possible recovery for your damages, including your lost income and pain and suffering.


If you or a loved one is facing the aftermath of a car accident, contact our experienced personal injury attorneys for a dedicated and experienced legal representation. You can schedule a FREE CONSULTATION with one of our car accident attorneys by calling 972.789.1664, emailing, or filling out the form on top of this page. Let our dedicated team of car accident lawyers handle your case and help you get the maximum compensation for your damages.



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